Changing For Good. Forever.™

Give Local and see the way it changes lives. Right here. Right now and forever. If you want things to get better, it starts with YOU.

Your Community Foundation is a leader in central Mississippi philanthropy. We've been connecting donors, nonprofit organizations, corporate giving and community leaders to serve the needs of our community for 23 years.NOW WE'RE EXPANDING OUR FOOTPRINT AND CHANGING OUR NAME!

We are a nonprofit community corporation created by and for the people of Mississippi.

We help charitable donors establish permanent giving funds that reflect their interests, while also making a long-term, positive impact on our community.

We serve our nonprofit community by managing and growing their endowments, and offering best practice management advice.

Since 1994, we've has distributed more than $40 million in grants to nonprofit organizations. As of December 2017, we hold more than $52 million in charitable assets, given by people like YOU. From all walks of life, at all income levels -- sharing resources and using them together works!

WE NEED YOU to be our partner in philanthropy! Supporting us is an investment in the future of our community. Giving to us means you are supporting work that will continue forever. Our legacy of philanthropy is a strong one, and our mission is to build permanent, charitable funds that will have a lasting effect.JOIN US!

Steve Case, the founder of AOL, has said, "Our most precious assets are the ability to connect people together, build collaborations, shine a spotlight on issues..[and] create a network effect around the givers."

Your donation helps make it possible for us to continue finding and making those connections, to create a thriving metropolitan community, one that serves the people of our great state. Giving for change. For Good. Forever.™

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