Help "birth" Virginia's story. The Scott Ford Houses tell an untold chapter of history --of former slave Mary Green Scott and family.

It's time to get fired up, reviving and preserving symbolic stones as landmarks of African American achievements from slavery to the freedom.

Two Mississippi African American landmarks are the Virginia Scott Ford family homes at 136 and 138 East Cohea Street, Jackson, Mississippi. Among the first African Americans to build and own homes on Cohea Street in Jackson, MS, the Scott Ford family kept these homes for more than 100 years. In danger of being lost forever, the houses are now being restored as interpretive sites and a house museum to reflect and interpret 19th and 20th century African American life.

We envision preserving, interpreting, and presenting these landmarks as catalysts for a dynamic tourist experience.Imagine visiting the complex and hearing the voice of a 20th century midwife talking about the joys of helping give birth to a baby who is now an elected official. Enter Virginia Scott Ford's home and hear her granddaughter's voice tell you about her childhood experiences there. Exit to the folk garden shaped by Mississippi Gulf Coast shells, and you'll see the laundry business wash house and hear an explanation of how daughter, Lula Ford, used it supplement her Collins Funeral Home income. Then see the chicken yard, the vegetable garden and fruit trees. You could continue imagining and dreaming about what could be, but let's make it real. Let us make this happen!

We have rescued the houses from the wrecking ball of a developer.Dr. Jim Johnston's Revitalize Jackson Fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson (CFGJ) in collaboration with the City of Jackson has cleared over six years of grass, weed and tree growth.New architectural estimates for restoration are being prepared with an in-kind contribution.The houses are being boarded up with an in-kind contribution.

Now we need YOUR HELP to meet our fundraising goal of $150,000 to restore these homes. YOU will make the difference!

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