Go Gold for a Cure, Mississippi!

Fight childhood cancer and raise money for research in memory of Campbell Dale

As a parent, the worst news you can ever receive is that your child has cancer. Or so we thought. When we were told there was nothing more that could be done to save his life, that became the worst news. It is our mission and now our passion to bring awareness to the fight our littlest heroes are fighting every day. No child should have to fight for their life because of a beast named cancer and no child should lose their life to that same beast. The National Cancer Institute designates less than 4% of their budget to Pediatric Cancer Research. In the past 20 years, only 3 new drugs have been approved by the FDA to fight Pediatric Cancer…only 3! The 3rd drug was approved in 2015. Our kids deserve more than 4% and more than 3 drugs every 20 years. We hope to be a part of the movement to change those numbers. Worldwide, September is recognized as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Gold is the color for Childhood Cancer. Many buildings, businesses and sports teams "Go Gold" throughout the month. Mississippi hasn't recognized this movement statewide, but we want to change that. We are working with the Children's Cancer Clinic at Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children and the Children's Miracle Network to bring awareness to the people of Mississippi about a subject that is hard to fathom, much less talk about, which is children fighting for their lives and some even losing their life. As we bring awareness, we will raise money that will go directly into the Campbellbulldog Fund at The Community Foundation of Greater Jackson for research to help find cures for the many different types of childhood cancer.

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