A holistic approach to workforce training in the heart of Jackson, Mississippi

Refill Cafe will be a non-profit workforce development café in the community of west Jackson, Mississippi located at the former Koinonia Coffee House on the Jackson State University Parkway.

Refill Café's mission is to empower youth by providing an innovative and holistic job training and life skills program. Refill Cafe will operate a vibrant restaurant and retail establishment with training stations to develop functional competencies and occupational skills for program participants. In addition, Refill will address the participants' holistic development to ensure they are set up for success beyond the program.

Refill Cafe intends to offer social service support, educational support, mentoring, and employment services—all offered either directly through Refill Café or indirectly through a partner. The program will be a long-term anchor for participants as we help place them into internships and jobs around the City of Jackson.

Our proposed initiative uses several programs to develop occupational and workforce skills while also creating linkages and capacity within the local food system. The initiative will create exposure to and develop career pathways for those who choose to work in traditional food and hospitality services.

Collectively, these programs and activities will lead to entrepreneurial growth, economic mobility, greater individual agency in selecting career path, greater agency in individual health practices, and a more resilient community.

Your donations will help cover various organizational expenses and maintenance needs.We are currently operating under a Kellogg Foundation planning grant to fund initial staffing, research and development, but our needs also include property maintenance and upkeep of the former Koinonia Coffee House.

Your donation today helps us bridge the divide between development and opening (planned for early Fall 2018).

For more information about Refill Café, please visit www.refillcafejackson.com

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